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Jew-ish Things to do on Hanukkah

1. Get a menorah! This one is pretty.

2. Go to Grand Army Plaza to watch a giant menorah lighting.

3. Make gourmet latkes, or just go buy some.

4. Go have dinner at Mile End.

5. Rewatch the Rugrat’s Chanukah episode. Because you watched it the first time.

6. Listen to NPR’s Hanukkah Lights; stories from authors.

7. Attend a Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic culinary face-off.

8. Learn about the true meaning of the holiday.

9. Instead of gelt, treat yourself to some Vosges chocolate.

10. Get in the festive spirit. Buy a christmas tree, then decorate it! Or just get a Hanukkah bush.

South Brooklyn Unites

My neighborhood, Carroll Gardens, fared relatively well through Hurricane Sandy. There was some damage, but it wasn’t as devastating as I’ve seen in other parts of New York City. Unfortunately, nearby Red Hook and DUMBO were hit badly, like so many other areas. Beginning this past weekend, South Brooklyn businesses are uniting to help those local business owners who need it. By Brooklyn, a borough-centric goods store on Smith Street, compiled a list of all the restaurants and shops participating. Ways you can help: buy a bottle of wine at Smith & Vine; have a cocktail at Brooklyn Social; Eat Pork, Help New York at Seersucker; Stock up on lox at Shelsky’s; get some tacos at Oaxaca. Or you can check with local groups to see if they need volunteers.