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What do small children and slow-typing septuagenarians have in common?

They both ❤ emojis.


Daily LOL

But if Springsteen or some other leftist America-hater comes on my Sirius/XM channel and I can get to the dial fast enough, I will switch it.

Libertarian (and former Ron Paul aide) Eric Dondero talks to New York about his refusal to listen to “leftie” music. But what happens, Eric, if you can’t get to the dial fast enough? Do you just listen to the song anyway? Would you start shouting “Obama sucks“? Would you boycott Sirius/XM? Would you buy a new car with a regular old CD player incapable of instantaneously playing The Boss? What would you do? Read more about his boycott of all things Democrat in his post-election blog post.