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Tiny pieces of cardboard

It’s Friday afternoon in New York.

There are four cardboard boxes sitting in my living. We’re having someone over tomorrow evening for dinner and I need to clean up our apartment. I have to break the boxes down but first I have to empty them of tiny little shipping material. When they arrived, the boxes were full of dishware from Heath Ceramics, and in order to protect the dishware during shipping, there were several hundred pieces of cardboard included. It seemed wasteful. But the cardboard was eco-friendly. Whatever.

I’m trying to move the tiny little pieces of cardboard into a plastic bag to throw away. But the physics of this effort aren’t working in my favor. They’re mostly falling on the floor. And then I have to pick them up, one by one. This really seems like a two person job.

The dishes were a wedding gift. I got married one month ago. A week before that, the digital publishing company I was working for folded. Then we went to Italy, France, and now I’m back in New York. So here it is. The Weekly Today. Chronicling the week, each day, cardboard boxes included.