America’s Own Kate Middleton?

This morning, Jenna Bush Hager announced her pregnancy on the Today Show, where she’s a regular contributor. In what is kind of a hilariously awkward, clip, a discussion about holiday tradition becomes her official public statement. Moments after the announcement, Bush Hager teared up while explaining that she “loves kids,” and is a “teacher.” The hormones are flying!  Her husband, Henry Hager, surprised her with flowers on the show and after handing them to her, Jenna remarked that they were kind of like “Miss America” and asked him to hold them. Matt Lauer asked Hager what kind of mom he thinks she’ll be, since he knows her better than anyone, and he responded: “Well, you see her everyday. She’s a teacher.” LOL. Ok, we get it. Then, former President George and Laura Bush called in to join in on the congratulations. Bush is “fired up,” and has been waiting for a grandchild. Lauer joked that they hired someone to play Frank Sinatra outside the Hager’s window but it “didn’t work.” Which is bizzarre, because everyone knows that nothing says romance like Ol’ Blue Eyes. Then they discussed nicknames for grandpa: Jenna likes “popsicle” or “poncho” and George  likes “sir” or hefe.” Jenna explains that’s “espanol” for boss. The bump-watch is sure to be as compelling as Kate Middleton’s. BB Hager for Prez in 2048?

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