Things That I May or May Not Do on Thanksgiving

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m currently in the midst of menu planning with members of my family who are all located around the country, and this year  we’re gathering in Palm Beach. It’s the first time we’re all celebrating together, and everyone will be contributing in some way to the meal. I am responsible for desserts, since I have a lot of experience eating them and stuff, so I’m trying to figure out what to do. Here are some things I am considering doing:

Things I will definitely do

  • Spend several hours in advance of Thanksgiving on Food52 browsing and thinking of things that I may or may not make, but that all look really good
  • Buy a lot of cocktail mixers, mix them, and then drink cocktails
  • Change it up every few hours with prosecco
  • Be responsible for dessert
  • Eat more than I am accustomed to
  • Feel guilty about eating more than I am accustomed to
  • Run in a Turkey Trot 5k (see above)
  • Track that run on Runkeeper
  • Run some more
  • Go to the beach (I’m going to Florida, people)

Things I might do 

Things I won’t do 


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