Dear Voters, Stop Instagramming

This election, FOMO is in high gear as voters are increasingly turning to their smartphones to document everything from polling lines to official ballots. At the nearby middle school where I voted, people were snapping photos of each other and bringing iPhones into the voting both; when I got home, I saw a flood of tweets and Facebook posts. Think Progress got hold of a tweet from Fox News’ Sean Hannity sharing a photo of his ballot, and pointed out that this use of social media might actually be violating state laws. Whoops. NY Election Law 17-130 specifically prohibits voters from “showing their ballots after prepared for voting ‘to any person so as to reveal the contents.'” So, if you didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker (what happened to those?) please refrain from oversharing. Leave the Instragramming for meals/scenery/trees.


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