New York City ING Marathon Cancelled

After strong debate about the decision to keep the 2012 ING marathon scheduled in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, NBC reports it has been cancelled. Earlier today, The New York Times quoted Bloomberg supporting moving forward with plans in the face of serious opposition: “We have to have a city going forward,” the mayor said, adding, “New York has to show that we are here, that we are going to recover.” The New York Road Runners, the organization behind the race, had previously termed this the “Race to Recover.” But it looks like recovery is happening without the NYRR and Mary Wittenberg, its director who has had her fair share of controversy prior to the marathon. No word on whether or not it will be rescheduled. Bloomberg’s reasoning included the “cheer’ it would bring to New York City after a very dismal week. “If you go back to 9/11, Rudy made the right decision in those days to run the marathon, and pull people together,” Bloomberg added in The New York Times. 


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