Hurricane Sandy vs. The Giants, or, New York vs. San Francisco

When I moved to New York from San Francisco, I made pro/con list for both. I looked at the benefits and drawbacks of each city (NYC Pro: Restaurants stay open past 10 p.m., good career opportunities; SF Pro: Access to beaches, good avocados, etc.) and found it was really helpful. Now, two years later, I’m still happy with my decision, and recently came to San Francisco for a visit. I was supposed to fly back to New York today, but Hurricane Sandy delayed those plans. However, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the pandemonium too much, because last night, the Giants won the world series for the 2nd time in 2 years! And the people went crazy. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the scene in both cities.

Media & Coverage

Pro New York: New York Times and Wall Street Journal are suspending their paywalls for the duration of Sandy. Also, the NYT is streaming a livecam from the 51st floor of their building. It’s pretty stunning; watch it here. Quartz also published a list of webcams around the Northeast worth checking out, so if you’re elsewhere you can join in on the disaster-related fun. Digital media means you’re never really left out.

Pro San Francisco: Lots of excited Facebook posts!

Con New York: Throws wrench in 2012 Presidential election.

Con San Francisco: Pictures of people burning stuff!  Anarchy ensues!

Food & Drink

Pro New York: Whiskey, vodka, bourbon.

Pro San Francisco: Drinking freely on the street like it’s New Orleans.

Con New York: Eating peanut butter sandwiches for 3 days.

Con San Francisco: San Franciscans not really knowing how to handle their liquor.

Halloween Impact

Pro New York: More high-concept costume ideas (90 mph winds; Hurricane Irene’s evil twin).

Pro San Francisco: An entire day of festivities, starting with an 11 a.m. Giants parade. Also, high concept costume ideas (96 mph pitches; Winning streak).

Con New York: There might not be any parties!

Con San Francisco: There might be more arrests!


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