Coub is the new GIF

I’m a little late to the Homeland game, but I managed to watch an entire season in about a week. My husband and I finished watching it on our honeymoon in Italy. I don’t have cable so I can’t watch the new season. Just when I was seriously starting to get motivated about making a GIF of Claire Dane’s sad, crying face during Homeland next to a picture of her with Leo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet, someone demonstrated that Pinterest was really the best way to go (see The Claire Danes Face Cry Project.) And then, apparently, the GIF became obsolete. OBSOLETE? What? But they were the reason why I watched absolutely none of the summer Olympics but felt like I knew everything about it. I realize I’m late to the game on some things. I didn’t know about “Call Me Maybe” for a while. On the honeymoon where my husband and I watched Homeland (another thing I missed the first boat on), I heard the Gangnam Style song for the first time at a drugstore in Italy and thought, wtf is this Italian club music. But it turns out people were sick of it already. Plus it’s Korean. And now the GIF. Coub is now a thing. Coub is a thing that has replaced the GIF. You just upload videos and sound. So it’s like a GIF, but not. For one thing, it’s easier. GIFs are hard to make, people! Look, I just made this Coub in like 2 seconds. It’s a video of trees in Berkeley. With some Aphex Twin. Here’s my Coub


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